The Bottomzup Bar and Grill is now Closed. Content below is from the site's archived pages and outside reviews.

A New Game Day Destination Raises The Sports Bar in Murray Hill 


– November 6, 2013 –

Bottomzup Bar and Grill has transformed the luxurious red-brick Manhattan Promenade building’s 3400 sq. ft. storefront space at 344 3rd Avenue into a game-watching destination and will introduce local diners to its innovative All-American menu …



Bottomzup is a sports bar inspired by the timeless American tradition of tailgating, with a unique expansive menu that will introduce New Yorkers to a host of regional favorites from throughout the country. Using only the freshest ingredients and most time-intensive preparations, a skilled team of chefs meticulously prepares elevated sports bar fare.

Bottomzup offers a fully immersive stadium atmosphere with forty-five 60″ HD flat-screen televisions and the latest in game-watching technology.


Bottomzup Bar and Grill’s roots can be traced back to an epic football season, when a group of lifelong New York sports fans traversed the country in search of the nation’s best tailgating destinations.

They cheered, exchanged some friendly trash talk with the opposition and, most importantly, discovered a wealth of exciting new regional dishes. Upon their return, Bottomzup’s vision was clear: to create a sports bar that would replicate the stadium experience and give New Yorkers a taste of the most popular game day meals from Miami to San Francisco. However, these lifelong New Yorkers knew it was their duty to showcase a taste of New England, adding an impressive array of seafood options that includes a full raw bar and sushi bar. These locally sourced clams, oysters and shrimp provide a healthy, light alternative to typical bar fare, while Bottomzup’s in-house sushi chef crafts signature rolls, sashimi and nigari.


Bottomzup’s eye-catching 3400 sq. ft. location is a game-watching paradise. Upon entering, guests are immersed in a modern, interactive setting that brims with the energy of a stadium experience. The walls at this high-ceilinged space are lined with dozens of iconic, timeless images featuring great moments in sports. Classic photos of Lou Gehrig’s retirement at Yankee Stadium or David Tyree’s miracle catch for the Giants evoke passion from the New York faithful.

The hub of Bottomzup is its 60-foot center bar, where fans can congregate, watch the games on column-mounted screens, and choose from fourteen beer on tap and fifteen bottled selections, along with a host of wine and spirit offerings. The beer list features local favorites from the Brooklyn and Blue Point Breweries along with West Coast standouts like Palm and Blue Moon.


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“Bottomzup NYC is one of the 88% of New York City restaurants that has an “A” grade from the Health Department, and General Manager Eddie Faymy is making sure it stays that way.”


January 27, 2013

The Daily Meal

“For those watching the Super Bowl, Bottomzup Bar & Grill offers a game day meu with food and drinks representing the teams. Super Bowl-inspired foods include Seattle staples like salmon rosemary burgers and pork belly pancakes …


TV Grapevine

“Bottomzup TV Grapevine featured Bootomzup NYC in their article SUPERBOWL 2014: FUN THINGS TO DO. “Bottomzup Bar and Grill is hosting a special event with delicious treats, fun times and of course lots of cheering for your favorite team! Here is a look at some things they have got going on for one of the biggest nights in sports.”

For those watching the Super Bowl, Bottomzup Bar & Grill offers a game day menu with food and drinks representing the teams. Super Bowl-inspired foods include Seattle staples like salmon rosemary burgers and pork belly pancakes, Denver dishes like bison sliders and ham toast, and crab rolls with wasabi tobiko, representing both team’s cities.


FoxNews Channel

Bottomzup manager Eddie appears as a guest on FOX NEWS to show of  the restaurant’s new alcoholiccupcakes.



TUNS lists bottomzup NYC #1 “…if you weren’t able to fork out the thousands of dollars a seat at MetLife Stadium will cost you this weekend, don’t worry, TUN’s got you covered. Here are five top-notch options for enjoying the game from the warmth of a boozy bar.”



Murray Hill/Kips Bay
Bottomzup Bar & Grill, 344 Third Avenue, Sunday

Let's face it, if you're under 25, enjoy polo shirts, and are out on Super Bowl weekend, you're probably stumbling around this neighborhood -- and not for the chicken curry. Instead of bar hopping, we suggest heading straight over to this tech savvy bar to charge up your iPhone, grab a portable radio, and watch the game on one of 45 flat screen TVs. The kitchen here specializes in regional tailgate foods like Juicy Lucy sliders and buffalo chicken empanadas, and it will be adding food and drink specials to represent Denver and Seattle. Additionally, the venue will host a raffle with prizes given out at the end of each quarter -- you have the chance to win a flatscreen HDTV.


January 23, 2014

Wondering where to watch the Super Bowl in New York this year? Well, look no further than Bottomzup Bar & Grill. Recently namedSports Illustrated's "Sports Bar on the Rise," Bottomzup boasts forty-five 60" flat screens, huge raffle giveaways, great food and drink specials plus a tailgate inspired menu that actually reflects the teams in action.

Bottomzup's Super Bowl "Kitchen Rivalry"

Already a huge hit with New York fans and foodies, Bottomzup is taking things to the next level for the big game by bringing the rivalry from the field to the kitchen with a special Super Bowl menu. Executive Chef Maurice Lopez will be debuting new menu items inspired by the Seahawks and Broncos face-off. You'll love the Seattle inspired Salmon Rosemary Burgers and Pork Belly Pancakes and a host of Denver inspired offerings.

Bottomzup's Drunken Super Bowl Cupcakes

New York bakers Drunken LadyCakes will also be preparing cocktail-infused Super Bowl cupcakes that are exclusively available at Bottomzup. With Denver and Peyton Manning heading to the postseason finale, guests will be able to try their first Colorado Bulldog Cupcake, frosted with Broncos colors and prepared with Vodka, Kahlua, Coca Cola and milk. The bar will even mix up craft cocktails reflecting the teams (so you can definitely expect to see some Washington Apples with Seattle in the big game).

Unparalleled Event Programming

Never miss a minute of the action with practically panoramic views of the game. Convenience features like personal table speakers, let you control the volume of coverage even at the tensest moments of the game. Addicted to social media and play-by-play sharing? Well, you won't have to worry about running out of juice with Bottomzup's hi-speed phone charging stations, giving you the power to tweet, text and follow the action in real-time right from your smart phone.

Great Giveaways

With raffle prizes and great giveaways at the end of every quarter, and the grand prize of taking home your very own huge flat screen HDTV, you'll have even more cause to celebrate.

So even if New York's not in it this year, why not come out to watch the Super Bowl with other sports fans and foodies, who'll help you drown your sorrows with some great wings, quality burgers and pints. Bottomzup's Kitchen Rivalry Super Bowl event will be an unforgettable experience that's sure to make the magic of the big game even more enjoyable (without all the pre-game fuss and post-game cleanup).



“In a day and age where literally every place dubs itself a sports bar, newly opened Murray Hill haunt Bottomzup literally makes them all seem amateur.”



Sunday Specials. “Every Sunday the “Game Day Happy Hour” includes super cheap beer like $3 Coors Light and Miller Light drafts, pitchers for $10 and buckets for $15. There’s also shot specials to boot. It’s a one-stop-shop for session drinking.”


Yelp Reviews


4.0 star rating 3/22/2013

Alana Phillips

Can't beat this place, Great Sports Bar atmosphere. I went with several friends to celebrate the end of my condo renovation and the return of all my stored stuff. Before moving everything into storage I found a great oriental rug service company that took all my rugs, cleaned them and then did restoration work on worn areas and the rugs’ fringes. I really didn’t appreciate their quality work until they were rolled out in my now great looking digs. The oriental rugs look like new with their colors now appearing fresh. I couldn’t even differentiate the restored areas from the original areas. And the fringes were no longer all different lengths from the vacuum cleaner “eating them.” Anyway, the Knicks were playing that night so we all went down to Bottomzup to watch. Had a great time with my guy friends.



3.0 star rating 4/3/2013

Franco C. Oyster Bay, NY

Skimpy clothes and drinks.

Following the usual formula of these types of places, we find young girls who don't mind wearing short-shorts that crawl all the way up their asses in order to bang out a few extra dollars in tips.  The formula works or there wouldn't be so many of these types of places around.

Our bartender was cute as hell and rocking body aside, was pretty inept with any type of drink that contained more than two ingredients - and as you get older the cutsie shit wears off and you just want your drink...

The one thing that does put this place a bit higher on the food chain than the competition is the food.  They were smart enough to put a sushi kiosk in the bar area and you can order freshly made sushi right there- great idea and beats the hell out of just offering fried bar foods.

We did try some of the typical bar food items and those too, just seemed better than the usual apps you get everywhere else. 

The place is large and I assume does a banging business- we were there in the middle of the week and it wasn't too crazy.  I can see it filling up with young dudes who want to oogle fake tits but I avoid that scene.

Better than average but at the end of the day, a sports bar it is.  Prices were average.  sushi was decently priced BTW.

Parking in the rear is not so noticeable but there is plenty of it.



2.0 star rating 5/1/2013

Michael A. Nassau County, NY

I am so glad we went her on a Groupon. If not, I'd feel ripped off!

Came in on a Wednesday night. The place was busy since there were hockey playoff games and a Knicks playoff game. Wasn't packed, there were empty tables, but still the kitchen was backed up and our food took a long time to come out.

We started with the ribs appetizer. The ribs were nice and meaty. The meat was extremely tender, but there was too much sauce - an easy fix and we enjoyed them.

My wife had a hamburger and this was their real sweet spot. I had the "bone in" New York Strip steak. I ordered my steak medium rare and it was more medium, but still juicy enough. The steak was tasty, but there was no bone to be seen and this was not a great piece of steak. If I had paid full price this would have gone back. Too thin for the money. Closer to a diner steak than the "dry aged" steak that was advertised.

Onto the service. It took over a half an hour for our appetizer to come out. Totally ridiculous. At this point our waitress was still getting a pass since she was very friendly and did stop by once or twice. However, I don't think the senior management here has a clue. At one point one of the managers started talking to one of the waitresses over our table. Really? Then, when we were waiting for a while to ask our waitress for the check we had to ask another manager to please send over our waitress. It took him a few minutes to find out who our waitress was (obviously no sections, maybe that's part of the service problems). He did get her to come over, but then the "bar manager" came over to find out if there were any problems. Where were you when we were looking for our waitress for 15 minutes? Now that she's back on the case you're coming over? This also seemed to upset our waitress that a  manager came over, because all of a sudden she got really cold on us. Shame, because what was planned to be a generous tip thanks to the Groupon savings turned into a mediocre tip due to the slow service.

My suggestion for those looking to go to Bottomzup - be ready to sit a long while and stick to the burgers.


4.0 star rating 7/8/2013

Alyssa A. Brooklyn, NY

I was looking for a place in the area that was showing UFC 162 this last weekend, and Bottomzup was the third place I called, and the girl on the phone informed me they were showing it, and there was no cover charge. Sweet!

Let me backtrack a little and say that I'm a female, who just happens to love watching UFC fights, and Bottomzup was definitely a great location! I can see how it caters to the male crowd, with the girls' uniforms reminiscent of Hooters, but they were red/white/blue, vs. the orange shorts (I actually worked at Hooters throughout all of my undergrad, so I ain't even hatin').

I dragged another girlfriend with me, and we snagged some seats at the bar! We had a few beers, and I ordered the lucy juice sliders and my friend had the ribs. The sliders were actually really good. There were three of them, and they were pretty small, but filling enough for me. The owner, Eddie (I think that was his name?), came around and asked how we were doing, which I thought was cool! Noticed the abundant jewelry - all silver - especially the very cool rings he had on each hand. I asked where he got them and he gladly gave me the website. They were all exclusively designed sterling silver rings from - a very cool website featuring all kinds of sterling silver jewelry. I then stupidly asked if they were statement rings (not realizing what statement rings actually are) and he gave me the sterling silver 101 course on fashionable (or not) jewelry. He told me that he created the sliders- they had like bacon and cheese or something inside.. Yum! And my friend enjoyed her ribs, but she couldn't finish them because it was a good-sized portion!

Service was decent enough. In a bar filled with dudes, I wouldn't expect the girlies to be paying attention to my friend and me, haha. Duh. But service was still great and I have no complaints.

As for the fight, this place is a GREAT location to watch UFC or any other sporting event. They have TV's lined up side-by-side along the walls of the restaurant. I wish they had an occasional larger TV in some parts of the room, but hey, it's already awesome enough with what they have.

I'll definitely be back for the next fight! :)



Steven T. Arcadia, CA

3.0 star rating 8/30/2013

up'd a star for having pretty delicious wings, not nearly as spicy as i asked for, which was "as hot as you can make it", and i get mild...

I came here with a party of 9 at noon, there were only a few other tables surprisingly, yet our service sucked. two of my friends ordered the same drink and came 30min apart. we got a 2 orders of wings and it came out 45min apart (arbitrary number i admit but it took longer than 30min)

the cocktails were alright, the mocha one tasted strong, so thats good.


The Ticker

Article by - November 21st, 2013
By Catalina Flores
Baruch College students gained something special when Bottomzup Bar and Grill opened in the neighborhood just over a week ago.
Conveniently located on Third Avenue between 25th and 26th streets, this place is the perfect spot for students who are tired of local dive bars but cannot afford to spend an entire paycheck in one night. A $20 fishbowl will have a group of four friends set for at least a few hours.
This trendy sports bar has been in the works throughout the last five months. The owners got the name and idea from a bar in Long Island and signed a licensing deal, but they are independently owned and operated.
They revamped the theme to suit New York City’s diversity and eccentricity, truly going above and beyond in every single aspect. Bottomzup is anything but a trashy sports bar; they have made a tremendous effort to emphasize sports as the central theme and appeal equally to everyone.
One of the main changes made from the Long Island bar was the menu. The New York bar has something for every palate, from sushi and a raw bar to the more stereotypical bar food.
They have also changed the uniforms so that waiters wear jerseys depending on which sport is in season at the time.
Bottomzup makes a distinct effort to not limit its establishment to any particular demographic. It has Sippy cups for families that come in for a meal with their children, lunch specials for the college crowd, and oysters for the older and more refined tastes.

Some of the features offered at Bottomzup are the 45 television screens playing games and music videos on 16 satellite channels. They come equipped with sound boxes lined up at the door so that customers can take one to their table to listen to whichever game they choose.
The staff is so dedicated to quality customer service that they have ordered more channels since the grand opening when when a guest requested a game they did not have. This bar also offers viewings of UFC events with no cover charge, a rare deal to find in the middle of the city.
Around the walls of the bar, customers can find phone charging stations so that anyone running low on battery can conveniently recharge without worrying about borrowing a charger, finding an outlet, or leaving phones out of sight to charge.
“We’re probably the cheapest upscale sports bar you’ll find in Murray Hill,” said General Manager Eddie Fahmny. “I’m actually really proud to tell people to come in and try the food. We’ve done a lot of research to get the freshest ingredients but stay competitively priced.”

Each food item on the menu is well thought-out and absolutely delicious. Some of the highlights are the Miami Grilled Corn on the Cob Lollipops, a popular treat that has been well-received so far.
The Minnesota Juicy Lucy Sliders are an amazing creation thought up by Bottomzup’s own GM. The hamburgers stuffed with cheese and topped with fried onions will certainly not disappoint.
The sushi bar has great prices and even offers brown rice substitute with no extra charge. But the one thing that a customer at Bottomzup absolutely cannot miss out on is the Triple Threat Brownie, a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Because Bottomzup is all about customer satisfaction, it has created a late night menu and keeps their kitchen open longer than other local bars so that customers will stay content with full stomachs.
Bottomzup has a special connection with Baruch; the marketing director, Matthew Hardoon, is a Baruch senior year majoring in entrepreneurship.
He was an important force in the marketing of the grand opening, and continues working tirelessly to promote Bottomzup.
Baruch’s USG hosted a Senior Night Out last Thursday where the bar offered drink specials from 9 p.m. to midnight.

They have an upcoming event planned with Baruch AKPsi, where they will offer a $10 lunch specials that include a burger, fries and a beer for those of age. Bottomzup will then give five percent of the proceeds back to Baruch AKPsi. They are more than willing to host other clubs and offer similar deals for events.
The grand opening of the new bar was a great success with a packed restaurant, and they have seen consistent foot traffic and repeat service since. Through the efforts of a great marketing team and word of mouth, this just might become the new go-to bar for Baruch students.



Bottomzup Bar and Grill NYC Watch the game while slurping down bivalves at this 100-seat sports bar. In addition to 45 flatscreen televisions, the Murray Hill hangout boasts an oyster and sushi bar where you can order rolls like the California and the Black Dragon (chopped shrimp and crab, avocado, eel). The rest of the menu highlights game-day favorites from around the country, including Angus chili (Texas), soft pretzels (Pennsylvania) and Juicy Lucy sliders (Minnesota). To drink: 29 beers and fruity cocktails with a twist (cocojito, pomegranate martini). 344 Third Ave between 25th and 26th Sts (646-918-7220)